Master persuasion and influence

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May 16, 2023


6 weeks, 5–6 hrs/week




May 16, 2023


6 weeks, 5–6 hrs/week



Master the language of leadership.

In this online program, you will learn how to influence, motivate, and persuade through communication frameworks, expert guidance, and practice.

Build confidence. Inspire change.

How does productivity increase within well-connected teams?

By 20–25%

What percentage of the US believes that communication is crucial to building trust?

Over 80%

What percentage of employees believes that communication affects effectiveness and efficiency?


Designed to grow your executive presence

Our Effective Business Communication program is structured to equip you with impactful communication frameworks that can only be obtained through hands-on experience and real-life practice.

Adaptable Learning

This program’s curriculum blends self-paced activities with live-online sessions for you to put learnings into practice through real-world experimentation, observation, and reflection.

Personalized Practice and Feedback

The program is designed to meet you at your current skill level and grow your communication skills with an approach this is more like customized coaching than classroom teaching.


Throughout the program, you’ll be guided by a learning facilitator to mentor and advise you. You’ll improve your skills in real time and be able to track, observe, and reflect on your progress.

This program is an excellent fit for…

  • Managers who seek to improve their interpersonal communication skills in working directly with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.
  • Leaders and emerging leaders across various industries and functions, including operations, sales, business development, technology, marketing, and relationship management.

What participants in our June 2022 session have to say:

Opeyemi Familade
Opeyemi FamiladeSenior Manager at Visa Directý
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“This program ticked all the right boxes. I’m prepared to leverage the skills I learned in day-to-day operations.”
Ken Nupert
Ken Nupert
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“Professor Weitzman's teaching style is extremely engaging, which allowed easy uptake of the material. The communication strategies and supporting structures that he delivers in this program have given me a useful framework for presenting.”
Christina Wagener
Christina WagenerSystem Director of Clinical Service Lines
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“I enjoyed all the online learning as well as the live sessions. I was able to apply my knowledge immediately and see results at work.”

How will you benefit from this program?

Enhance your ability to persuade by learning and using frameworks that will make your communication engaging, memorable, and compelling.

Become clear, concise, and confident when communicating your ideas and thoughts to others.

Develop a deep understanding of the process, structure, and style of effective communication.

Strengthen your executive presence by learning how to project confidence, empathy, and thoughtfulness when communicating, both in person and online.

Discover a range of tools to deploy in the real world, practice them, and receive detailed feedback on your performance and concrete guidance on how to improve.

Acquire the ability to analyze an audience quickly and identify how to win them over.

Learn how to structure your arguments to make them clear and powerful.

Program Content

Life Is Not a TED Talk

  • Understand what persuasion is and is not.

  • Analyze your current communication skills and identify areas to improve.

  • Make your daily communication more deliberate and focused.

Not about What You Say, but about How You Are Heard

  • Learn about why companies so often misjudge their audiences.

  • Develop tools to analyze the audiences you want to win over.

  • Explore the power of good questions.

Building Up, Not Cutting Down

  • Discover the role of narratives in influencing your audience.

  • Explore the narrative structure and process, beginning with the nutshell paragraph: the “big why”.

  • Learn how to frame problems in a way that will make your audience want to help you solve them.

Narrative: Openings and Closings

  • Learn how to hook and engage an audience from the start.

  • Explore communication techniques such as dropped introductions, calls to action, and outros.

  • Examine how to close a narrative by framing the follow-up conversations.

Articulating Your Superpower

  • Discover how to identify and convey your personal brand.

  • Explore how to capture the value you bring to the organizations for which you work.

  • Learn how to build and maintain professional networks.

Turning Skills into Habits

  • Identify the skills from the program that will be most valuable to you.

  • Evaluate how to turn those skills into habits through regular practice and reflection.

  • Build a six-month personal development plan that sets goals, measures progress, and will hold you accountable.


Upon completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Chicago Booth Executive Education.

You will also receive a digital badge that serves as a certified online credential of your accomplishment.

certificate Chicago Booth 
certificate Chicago Booth 

The Faculty

faculty hal-weitzman University Chicago Booth

Hal Weitzman

Adjunct Associate Professor of Behavioral Science

Hal Weitzman works with MBA students, executives, and managers to boost their communication skills. A former reporter and editor at the Financial Times, Hal is executive director for intellectual capital at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, editor-in-chief of Chicago Booth Review, and host of The Big Question, the monthly video panel discussion series.

Hal is the author of two books: What’s the Matter with Delaware?: How the First State Has Favored the Rich, Powerful, and Criminal—and How It Costs Us All (publishing May 2022); and Latin Lessons: How South America Stopped Listening to the United States and Started Prospering (2012).

He grew up in Wales and was educated at Leeds, Oriel College, Oxford, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Live-Online Learning with Measurable Impact

At Chicago Booth, we understand the need for high-impact online learning to address the skills gap and build capabilities. In addition to self-paced content, our programs incorporate knowledge checks, interactive discussion boards, and personalized feedback from expert mentors. You’ll also attend live sessions with faculty to bring content to life. These touchstones ensure the highest level of learning and your return on investment.

97 percent of our live-online program participants recommend our programs to colleagues, friends, and those who seek to expand their skills.


This program features three live-online sessions—a unique opportunity to put theory into practice immediately to amplify your learning and see results. These required sessions not only offer an opportunity to reflect and receive real-time feedback with faculty and peers, but also integrate interactive content that can only be taught in a live environment. Participants are expected to attend at least two of the three live sessions with faculty to maximize their growth. If a participant is unable to attend a session, an extra asynchronous assignment must be submitted to complete the program.

Effective Business Communication: Live Sessions

Live sessions will take place from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (CST) on EBC: May 25, and June 8, 22, 2023

Live Session 1: Wake Up to Greater Self-Awareness, the Building Block of Emotional Intelligence

Live Session 2: Bring Your Unique Essence and Values Forward with Purposeful Impact

Live Session 3: Connect with More Empathy, Compassion, and Trust to Thrive in Teams

You’ll also learn from guest speaker Hal Weitzman, Adjunct Associate Professor of Behavioral Science at Chicago Booth. He’ll provide you with insight into integrating a mindful communication approach to elevate your executive communication skills.

Would you like to learn more?

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