Conscious, Mindful Leadership for Today’s Organizations

Six out of eight top leadership competencies are related to emotional intelligence.

Trust—the No. 1 factor in building high-performing teams.

Burnout now affects 77% of US professionals.

Inspire trust. Drive engagement.

Program Overview

Backed by cutting-edge research, this program provides the frameworks to unleash an executive’s full potential by increasing their emotional intelligence and becoming more conscious of their thought processes.

Over six weeks, you’ll learn how to protect your mental energy, reduce stress, and unearth where true creative lies. You’ll also improve your problem-solving ability and amplify big-picture thinking.

Ultimately, you’ll harness your full brainpower—shifting from functional to holistic leadership performance—to connect with others more meaningfully and productively.

Distinctive Online Learning Features



Our online learning method adapts to your schedule, commitments, and needs. In addition to self-paced content, our programs incorporate knowledge checks, interactive discussion boards, and live sessions to bring content to life.



Navigate program content with ease using a simple interface that offers a seamless learning experience.



Throughout the program, you’ll be accompanied by an expert mentor to answer your questions and provide feedback on your work.

Your Chicago Booth Instructor

Stephanie Klein

Chicago Booth Alumna and Founder of Mindfire Mastery

Stephanie Klein’s three-time experience as Chief Marketing Officer in Fortune 500 firms helps her understand leadership challenges. As a coach, educator, and author, Klein is committed to empowering elite professionals to thrive through change.

By completing this program, you’ll...

  • Lead change with confident authenticity, aligning purpose and culture to spur higher employee engagement.
  • Discover how to eliminate burnout, manage stress effectively, and mitigate employee turnover.
  • Develop the ability to shift to effortless flow—driving greater productivity and high performance.
  • Gain practical tools to amplify big-picture thinking and disruptive innovation.
  • Communicate with fierce compassion to foster mutual understanding, deeper connection, and well-being.
  • Create and nourish new mindsets by examining the role of neuroplasticity in behaviors.
Certificate of Completion

Upon program completion, you'll also...

Have learned from a world-class faculty within a university associated with 97 Nobel laureates.

Be awarded a certificate of completion and a digital credential of your accomplishment.

Become a member of the global Chicago Booth Executive Education network.

Program Modules

Module 1: Expanding Whole Brain Capacity to Optimize Leadership

  • Emotional intelligence of great leaders
  • Our holistic approach: whole-brain leadership
  • The power of mindfulness and neuroscience
  • Upgrading leadership with self-awareness for increased clarity

Module 2: Rewiring and Adapting Your Brain

  • Adaptive resilience
  • Understanding and shifting energy
  • Amplifying self-awareness with saboteurs
  • Self-management: building mastery with whole brain

Module 3: Discover Your Authentic Leadership Presencet

  • Flourishing holistically as a leader starts with you.
  • Alignment with your motivation and values
  • Excavating your authentic essence
  • Bringing it all together: creating purpose and driving greater leadership impact

Module 4: Embrace Disruption to Innovate

  • How disrupting your brain fosters creativity and progress
  • The path to creativity: models and tools for big-picture and creative thinking
  • Visualizing the future you want to create
  • Applications for leaders and teams with the F.A.S.T. Framework

Module 5: Deepen Connections

  • Increasing self-awareness builds empathy and thriving.
  • Stretching: Perspective-taking increases connection.
  • Cultivating compassionate leadership
  • Communicating with insight: difficult conversations at an emotional level

Module 6: Integrate and Lead Teams of Trust

  • How to earn trust: build, maintain, restore.
  • Communicating with impact: IDEA Model—Feedback
  • Embracing conflict—inherent to diversity—increase trust, communication, innovation
  • Leadership commitment


This program features three live-online sessions—a unique opportunity to put theory into practice immediately to amplify your learning and see results. These required sessions not only offer an opportunity to reflect and receive real-time feedback from your instructors and peers but also integrate exclusive content that can only be taught in a live environment. Participants are expected to attend at least two of the three live sessions to maximize their growth. If a participant is unable to attend a session, an extra asynchronous assignment must be submitted to complete the program.

This program is an excellent fit for:

  • Managers with at least five years of experience who seek to improve their leadership skills by enhancing their ability to connect, empathize, and embrace change. Those from a wide range of industries and sectors will find benefit in attending.
  • Executives—across the spectrum of thinking styles—will become more mindful in their leadership approach. For example, analytical thinkers will learn to enhance their ability to be more creative, empathic, and innovative. Whereas creative, intuitive thinkers will learn how to adopt a problem-solving mindset while improving their response to change.
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What our participants have to say:

Hinna Malik

Sales Manager at Adobe

“Overall, the program was superb—well organized and structured. Both the instructor and mentor delivered their sessions with enthusiasm. I learned new frameworks that I can apply in my day-to-day activities. Additionally, I gained knowledge and skills to deal with difficult situations—whether professional or personal—and this will undoubtedly prepare me to be a more effective leader in any capacity. I recommend taking part in the program. You will learn many new ways to become more effective as a leader at work and in your personal life.”

Kristina Bonesteel

Managing Director at Fulcrum Tax Advisory

“Mindful Leadership will give you the knowledge and tools to navigate complex work environments while staying focused on business performance. The content was rich. The assignments were thought-provoking, and I found myself needing to review and mull them over for a few days before submitting a response. The Eulogy & Values activities were especially powerful. I thank you for a great program.”

Andrew Irwin

VP of Talent Development at Irwin Seating Company

“This was an insightful program that allowed for immediate practical application to work situations and my personal life. It makes you a more well-rounded person in general. I find the program ideal for people with certain career aspirations or identifiable gaps that need to be addressed. Overall, an outstanding program. I’d heard good things about Chicago Booth. They delivered.”

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