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October 25, 2022


6 weeks, 5–6 hrs/week


$2,250 USD*

*2022 introductory cohort price


October 2022


6 weeks, 5–6 hrs/week


$2,250 USD*

Unlock your brain’s full potential to lead with expanded intelligence,
inspiration, and impact.

Acquire practical tools to balance analytical thinking with emotional intelligence. You’ll unlock your “right brain” to access your full brain power and maximize your leadership potential. 

Inspire trust. Drive engagement

Six out of eight top leadership competencies are related to emotional intelligence.
Trust—the No. 1 factor in building high-performing teams
Burnout now affects 77% of US professionals.

Distinctive Online Learning Features


We know that you are a busy professional. Our online learning method adapts to your schedule, commitments, and needs.


Navigate program content with ease using a simple interface that offers a seamless learning experience.


Your learning facilitator will provide support throughout program activities.

This program is an excellent fit for…

Mid-level executives seeking to improve their leadership skills and enhance their ability to connect, empathize, and embrace change by understanding how the brain works. In addition, executives who leverage analytical thinking in their day-to-day duties and seek to better communicate and connect with colleagues and clients at a personal level will benefit from the program. Across a wide range of industries, leaders will gain valuable insight they can put to use right away.

Learning Outcomes

Increase emotional intelligence to enhance business relationships, improve the quality of complex decision-making, and embrace healthy conflict and diversity of opinion

Embrace and increase the rate of response to disruption by understanding how the brain drives behavior during moments of change

Gain practical tools to amplify big-picture thinking to stimulate and accelerate innovation and new ideas

Improve team performance and employee satisfaction by creating a culture of trust and openness and an increased ability to recognize emotions in others

Improve business communications and manage difficult conversations by guiding empathetic thinking and behavior

Learn how to rewire and adapt your brain to increase energy productivity for better performance and outcomes

Program Content

Expanding Whole Brain Capacity to Optimize Leadership 

  • Emotional intelligence of great leaders 
  • Our holistic approach: whole-brain leadership 
  • The power of mindfulness of neuroscience 
  • Upgrading leadership with self-awareness for increased clarity 

Rewiring and Adapting Your Brain 

  • Adaptive resilience 
  • Mental models for adapting to change 
  • Examining your energetic response to stress 
  • Acceptance and self-compassion 
  • Response strategies 

Discover Your Authentic Leadership Presence 

  • Holistic flourishing as a leader starts with you. 
  • Alignment with your motivation and values 
  • Excavating your authentic essence 
  • Alignment to culture of company to inspire meaning 

Embrace Disruption with Intention, Visualization, and Action to Amplify Big-Picture Thinking and Create Innovative, Desired Outcomes 

  • How our brain works now 
  • Model to optimize influence, intelligence, and impact 
  • Visualization for new outcomes 
  • SAGE powers and characters 
  • Powerful communication practices 

Deepen Connections with Empathy and Fierce Compassion to Foster Mutual Understanding, Strong Communication, and Sustainable Well-Being 

  • Self-awareness leads to empathy. 
  • Compassionate leadership 
  • Connection through cognition: perspective-taking 
  • The power of generosity in leaders 

Integrating and Leading with Trust to Cultivate Best-Performing Teams and Organizations 

  • Importance of psychological safety 
  • Earned trust 
  • Difficult conversations 
  • Embracing healthy conflict and diversity 



By completing this program, you’ll… 

  • Become a member of the Chicago Booth Executive Education network, which represents nearly 60,000 executives across 130 countries. 
  • Receive a certificate of completion, as well as a digital badge that serves as an online credential to be shared among your social networks. You’ll also have the opportunity to join our private LinkedIn groups to grow your professional networks. 
  • You’ll have learned from world-class faculty within a university associated with 92 Nobel laureates. 

Chicago Booth has nine faculty members who have won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, and their knowledge and research help shape our Executive Education programs. 

Your Chicago Booth Instructor

Stephanie Klein-Chicago Booth Alumna and Founder of MindFire Mastery-img

Stephanie Klein

Chicago Booth Alumna and Founder of MindFire Mastery 

Stephanie Klein’s three-time experience as Chief Marketing Officer in Fortune 500 firms helps her understand the challenges and stress of leading through crisis, organizational change, and uncertainty. As a new CMO in 2008, she led her global team through the financial crisis. When she came up for air several years later, she was diagnosed with life-threatening breast cancer, which unlocked her awareness of the toll her stressful life was taking on her body, mind, and spirit. She realized that balance, mindfulness, and self-compassion were critical for her healing journey and opened her up to be a more vulnerable and connected leader, mother, partner, and friend.  

After leading through the joy and tribulations of a transformative acquisition in 2017, she decided it was time for her to walk away and pursue a more meaningful second act. She began a journey of education and growth that led her to become a certified Search Inside Yourself instructor, executive coach, speaker, and author. Her disruptive story of leaving the C-suite is featured in the anthology Turning Point Moments: True Inspirational Stories about Creating a Life that Works for You (June 2022). Her book entitled Waking Up on the Right Side of Wrong, about how we can use disruption and mindset to change the trajectory of our lives positively, was published in Fall 2022. 

As an executive coach, emotional and positive intelligence trainer, educator, speaker, and author, Klein is committed to empowering elite professionals to thrive through change. She helps them bravely embrace their authenticity, learn to adapt with choice, and stretch with confidence and compassion. Hence, they optimize performance and well-being and build mental resilience to shift from burnout to balance. What lights her up is seeing how inner transformation creates positive outer change, with myriad ripple effects across relationships, organizations, communities, and our world. 

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